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Springing Forward!

Greetings once again from Norman! It's been a whirlwind few months since we last caught up. As I head into Spring Break in a few short days, I thought it would be a good time to let you know what I've been up to during my second semester here at OU.

  • After a long and relaxing Winter Break, the new semester started mid-January. Though it was sad to say goodbye to friends and family at home, it was exciting to reunite with my Oklahoma pals and get back into the swing of school. My classes this semester include Spanish, Deep Time (a class that looks at geology and Earth history via readings and discussions), Microeconomics, Physical Geography (essentially Earth science), Physical Geography Lab, and Gateway to Belonging (a class about the transition to college with emphasis on social psychology concepts). So far my favorites are Spanish and Physical Geography, but I'm happy on the whole with all of my professors and classes. (As you may have guessed from the tardy blog post, however, they've been keeping me more than busy!)

  • February saw a total of 6 snow days for us. It was lots of fun to experience the winter wonderland, but it definitely threw off our schedules. I can't complain that the weather has been warmer around here lately – 80 last week!

  • I continue to stay busy with my extracurriculars, especially the Big Event. Our day of service (the largest in Oklahoma) is coming up in less than a month, so we've had a big push to get everything in order. My job is to evaluate the community organizations that our volunteers will be helping on the day of. My evaluation partner and I have been busy visiting these spots around the Oklahoma City area and have gotten to check out some interesting areas. I've also had the opportunity to help with some other service projects throughout the semester which has been very rewarding. As of right now, we have 3,000 volunteers and counting signed up for our big day – I can't wait to see everything come together soon!

  • I've also joined an informal book club with a friend which has been lots of fun. We're currently reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman at the moment; it's definitely a unique and captivating read so far.

  • Perhaps my biggest news of late is that I got a job at the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History. It's close to campus and I get a wide variety of tasks to do while I'm there – working at the front desk, in the gift shop, or at special events as needed. My first day is this Thursday and I'm excited to see how things go. So far everyone I've met there has been incredibly nice and I'm thrilled to be working at such an interesting place! What could be better than hanging out with the dinosaurs every day? :)

That's about all I have to report for the moment. I can't wait for the coming much-needed break, especially because it involves seeing my family and exploring Costa Rica! More pictures and updates to come soon. Hope that you have a great start to your spring!



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