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Rushing Into Week 1

Hi there! I'm back from an eventful two weeks – one busy with Panhellenic Recruitment (AKA rush) and the other with the official start of school. Rush was quite a unique experience. There were over 1,200 girls rushing at OU this year, so the process was quite crazy and overwhelming (but still very fun!) Here are my observations from the week:

  • Rush is essentially a process of elimination. We visited all of the houses the first two days (OU has eleven total), then were invited back to fewer each day as we decided which ones we liked and which ones liked us. Our schedules weren't delivered to us until the mornings, so it was often a hectic process to get ready and try to make it to our parties on time.

  • Most girls rushing were from Texas and Oklahoma – they take this seriously and certainly brought the style. There were lots of interesting (often questionable) outfit choices and very fancy dresses.

  • There was tons of walking! (I was averaging about 16,000 steps a day.) The weather was not ideal either... we had two days of rain and a few days of intense heat, but luckily I escaped the whole ordeal with minimal blisters!

  • The "parties" themselves were also very overwhelming. We were greeted at each house by lots of chanting, clapping, and singing. A girl or two from the house would then escort us to an area and have a conversation with us, but they'd switch out every few minutes. It was also super loud in the houses because of how many people were talking at once, so almost everyone's voice was gone by the end of the week!

  • Luckily my roommate Avery and our friend Lilly were rushing as well. It was nice to have some friends going through the process too.

Though the process was intense and often unexpected, I ended up accepting a bid from Alpha Omicron Pi at the end of the week! They're a bit more down to earth than many of the sororities here, plus their house is lovely and the girls are nice. Avery also received a bid from them, but she's decided that Greek life isn't right for her at this point, so she won't be moving forward with it. To be totally honest, I wasn't sure that I wanted to stick with it either – I haven't made many connections with the girls in the house yet, plus there's quite a time commitment. Despite that, I'm still excited about the possibilities so I decided to continue pushing outside my comfort zone and give it a shot. So far we haven't done too many activities, though I did audition for and am now part of AO Pi's cast for U-Sing (a campus-wide Broadway-style musical competition. This is taking me back to my days of skits and summer theater camp!) More updates to come on all of that...

Meanwhile, I also began classes on August 23rd – finally doing what I came here for! I've been really enjoying all my professors and classes so far. I'm taking Science, Nature & Society, a science history class focused especially on the Islamic world's contributions to models of the universe and later European scientific achievements; Biology, though my professor is teaching it more as a science literacy and current scientific events course; Intro to Landscape Architecture, a non-studio class where we discuss the history, applications, and famous examples of landscape architecture; Communication, a small honors course where we learn how to be better... well, communicators!; and Macroeconomics, my only big class in a huge lecture hall (~350 students). Aside from Econ, all my classes are pretty small (~20-40 students) which was a pleasant surprise. My schedule is good with plenty of breaks and nothing too early, plus only one class on Fridays (bonus!) I'm still doing tons of walking to get to class, but I'm definitely finding my way around well and really enjoying how lively the campus has become.

All else is going well too! I've found some good friends in Avery and Lilly – we eat meals together, go shopping, and just hang out. (Lilly is from Norman, so she knows all the best places around here!) I've continued to update my dorm decor and figure out the best ways to organize everything. It's still a work in progress but it's coming along. The food here is pretty good... the choices from the Caf are hit or miss, but they have a great salad bar. The good news is that there are plenty of other restaurants around campus where I can use my meal points, so it's always easy to find things I want to eat. Another quirk: they test the tornado sirens every Saturday at noon which, as you can imagine, is always startling.

That's all I have to report from Norman! Everything is certainly OK and I'm excited to see where the next few weeks take me. Until then...



Photo captions (from L to R starting with top row): Roomies on the third day of rush; As if Avery and I weren't similar enough already, we had almost the same dress for Preference Night!; On Bid Day at the AO Pi house; My first day of "13th grade"; A sweet message on the first day of school; A view of Oklahoma City! (AO Pi took us on an excursion to OKC on Bid Day where we played mini golf and laser tag); The updated dorm decor – note a steadily increasing number of pillows and a fun wall collage Avery and I put together; Our nighttime view :)

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Kathleen Kinkopf
Kathleen Kinkopf
Sep 02, 2021

So busy! Congrats! Sounds like everything is falling into place...and is wonderful!


Aug 30, 2021

Thanks for taking the time to share your update and photos, Tay!


Aug 30, 2021

Hey Taylor...thanks so much for Blog 1. From reading your post, I'd say you overfilled the first two weeks. Your glimpses of Rushing were most interesting to me, as our college didn't have Greek life. And I love the dress you picked for one day! Now you have learned to speak loudly, flounce a bit more than you used to, and just be ready for what's next. The door is open for challenges in class, more friendships, and lots of socializing. Beginning with a role in the Broadway-style skit is the perfect first step.

Your classes and teachers seem to be what you were hoping for; the Communications course will integrate them all. Off to an excellent start---you are indee…

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