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It's Already November: Unbe-leaf-able!

Hi there! Long time, no chat. The months are truly flying by and it's been a busy autumn so far here in Norman. Here are my recent updates!

  • School has continued to go well and keep me plenty busy. I'm already registering in courses for next semester – I'm looking forward to taking a variety of new and interesting classes in a few months. As I look ahead to next semester (and the halfway mark of my college career – wow), I'm considering some options including an accelerated master's degree in regional and city planning. I'm still working out the details, but am excited to take on some new academic challenges soon. More updates to come!

  • Outside of school, I've been busy with my job and The Big Event, the volunteer organization I'm part of. Last year I was on their Operations Staff which did a lot of the "behind the scenes" work to help our service projects run smoothly, but this year I'm a member of the executive sponsorship committee. This means that I'm working with a small group to manage corporate donations to help us fund The Big Event. This has also been a fun challenge and I'm enjoying the opportunity to be more involved at a higher level in the organization. We've also been able to do a number of service projects already that have been very fun (pictures included!)

  • The other theme of the past few months has been lots of family time. I traveled back to Albuquerque in early October for fall break. Even though we were rained out of the Balloon Fiesta, I still had a fun time seeing the fam and eating lots of good food. Speaking of good food, my parents came over to OKC for my birthday weekend full of plenty of tasty eats. We spent the weekend checking out some cool OKC neighborhoods, restaurants, shops, and parks. I had a great time celebrating 20 with a fun staycation!

I'm looking forward to more family, friends, and good food coming up during the holidays. I can't believe how fast the semester is going by, but am excited for what's to come. I hope all is well and can't wait to see many of you soon!



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Kathleen Kinkopf
Kathleen Kinkopf
06 Νοε 2022

Always enjoy your updates----also nice seeing our favorite Albuquerque faces! Have a great semester. And, again, Happy Big 2-0! 🍁 ❤️

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