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Halfway – Can You Believe It?!

Hello hello! I have returned after a blog hiatus during a busy semester, so I have plenty to share. Hope this finds you well and can't wait to catch up!

  • First and foremost, last week was the end of my sophomore year of college! Time seems to fly by faster every year... does this mean I'm getting older? ;) Overall, it was a great academic semester and I finished strong. I truly enjoyed my classes, especially Rendering (a sketching class – some samples included below) and Environmental Design Practicum. The latter was a service learning course in which my classmates and I were tasked with developing reuse concepts for a local historic theater. This was my first time working on a community-based project and I really enjoyed the experience. In addition to my bachelor's in Environmental Design, I'm still working toward a minor in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and fulfilling Honors College requirements... and a master's in Regional and City Planning. I was recently accepted to an accelerated master's program that combines credits from my undergrad and grad courses, meaning I can graduate with both degrees in five years. So while I'm technically halfway done with my undergrad degree, I still have three years left at OU. I'm so grateful for finding a school and program I've enjoyed this much and am excited for the opportunity to continue my studies here.

  • In other school-adjacent news, I finished another year with The Big Event. Our big day of community service was a success, with thousands of volunteers and hundreds of thousands of dollars saved for the community. I was excited to be able to volunteer with a neighborhood clean-up this year and be a part of the tangible side of things. I'm still working as a student assistant for the OU Faculty Senate as well and am enjoying the benefits of a flexible schedule at the expense of lackluster leadership. I'll likely do some remote work managing their website over the summer and return in the fall.

  • Apartment life has been treating me well after some tussles with maintenance earlier this year. I've enjoyed using our full kitchen to hone my cooking and baking skills... trying out recipes is a new favorite pastime! One of my roommates (Avery) and I will be staying in the same apartment next year, so I'm thrilled to avoid the moving rigmarole this summer. In other good news, we managed to find a third roommate at the last second to fill the vacant spot (our third roommate, Lilly, was planning on moving out to be an RA). Avery and I met our new roomie a few weeks ago through a friend of a friend and think she's a great fit – but we're mostly excited to avoid the random roommate lottery!

  • Life has had plenty of play alongside the work too. I spend a lot of time with my boyfriend Aidan as well as Avery and her boyfriend Andrew (clearly I didn't get the memo about "A" names...). I'm still in touch with plenty of friends from home too, which is a nice complement to the college buddies. Some fun things from this semester include: attending an OKC Thunder basketball game; a visit from my middle school friend Sofia and getting to share the Norman and OKC highlights with her; staying active with badminton, Pilates, and Zumba classes; a spring break road trip to New Orleans with Aidan complete with plenty of delicious food (including Cafe du Monde, of course), a trip to Mardi Gras World to experience the pageantry (unfortunately – or fortunately, depending on how you look at it – we missed Mardi Gras by a week or two), walks around the Garden District, a spooky yet historically enlightening ghost tour in the French Quarter, a visit to the New Orleans Museum of Art, a swamp tour, and a quick trip over to Mississippi to experience the beach (a worthwhile experience despite less than ideal weather); a quick visit home for Easter; and checking out new restaurants and experiences in OKC, including the botanic gardens and a water lantern festival.

And that's the semester in a nutshell! As for the summer, I'm currently back home in ABQ for a few weeks to catch up with family and friends. I'll be back in Norman during June to work before the summer's main event... studying abroad in Oxford!!! I'll be taking a three-week course there over the Great War (a perfect place to learn about it) and will then spend a week with my parents in England's scenic Lake District. I'm so excited to experience this beautiful place and expand my travel horizons. And the best part – four day weekends, so ample time for galavanting around neighboring areas! I'm hoping to visit Dublin, Edinburgh, and Paris... let me know if you have any recommendations!

That's all for now. I'm happy to have another year of college on the books and can't wait to see what next year holds. Exciting times! Thanks again for following along and hope you have a great summer.



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