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An Oklahoma Autumn

Hi there! Long time no chat. It's been a busy October here in Norman – continuing to get in the swing of school, weekend trips, and (of course) lots of football. Here's the scoop.

  • As some of you may already know, I decided to make a fun change at the beginning of the month – a new hair color! I was initially only intending on getting some subtle highlights, but I ended up going pretty close to blonde. It's definitely taken some getting used to, but it's been a fun way to mix things up.

  • The ultimate highlight of the month was the OU vs. Texas football game. We drove the three-ish hours to Dallas for a long weekend and stayed with my roommate Avery at her family's lovely home. The logistics of game day itself were a nightmare (parking, crowds, etc.), but it ended up all being worth it for what was an amazing game. OU made a huge comeback against Texas in the second half. Even though I'm still not a diehard football fan, OU is slowly converting me! We did a lap around the State Fair of Texas shortly after and had some tasty corndogs, but were quickly worn out by the heat (90 degrees still!) and crowds. The following day we made our way back into the city to check out the Dallas Arboretum's pumpkin patch experience. It was chock full of gourds (90,000+) in all shapes, sizes, and colors. The weather was much nicer and we had a great time exploring the gardens. It was back home that evening, but not without some more drama! I had my first official tornado scare, and though the worst Norman got was some big hail, I still got to experience the storm shelter and tornado sirens. Probably good practice for the future...

  • Back at school, classes have certainly been keeping me busy. I made it through midterm season unscathed, but often buried in essays and tests. I would say my hardest class is History of Science. It's super interesting, but we cover a lot of history of a lot of branches of science (optics, astronomy, medicine, you name it) really quickly. It certainly keeps me on my toes! Landscape architecture is still a definite favorite, as is my communication class (in large part thanks to my very engaging professor). I'll be registering for next semester's classes this coming week, so there's already more to look forward to.

  • Our Homecoming week was a few weeks ago and was... largely underwhelming. I went to see the homecoming "parade" (which was mainly faculty driving their cars down Main Street) and attended the football game. However, the real highlight was my brief moment of fame as the designer of a piece of winning chalk art for the Honors Student Association! OU has a tradition where every club (and sorority/fraternity) creates a big chalk design on one of the main ovals on campus. Each group is assigned a certain theme, and since this year's overarching theme was TV shows, HSA was given Jeopardy! HSA ended up choosing my design, so I got to help watch it come to life and win first place for the small group category. It was a lot of fun to do and very exciting to hear that our hard work paid off.

And that's the big news from Norman! I'm looking forward to a fun couple of weeks as we roll through Halloween and into Thanksgiving... and maybe someone's birthday too. :) I hope this finds everyone well – can't wait to see you soon!

xoxo, Taylor

Photo captions: I finally figured out how to add them to the pics! Click on each one to enlarge.

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3 comentários

Kathleen Kinkopf
Kathleen Kinkopf
25 de out. de 2021

Love your hair! Looks like a Harry Potter dining hall. Glad you got back safely. You may not know it, but I was in Dallas for 15 yrs and lived a stone's throw from the Arboretum. Such a beautiful place. Glad you experienced it. Ah. Yes! the world-famous TX State fair corndogs! Congrats on the winning chalk design. You are a woman of many talents. Looks like you're enjoying every moment. I'm sure everyone will be more than thrilled to see you @ TG. And early Happy BD! Whoa. 19.


25 de out. de 2021

The new caption/photo layout looks great.


24 de out. de 2021

Taylor, I love your hair! Looks like you are staying busy, both academically and socially! The dining hall pic looks like Harry Potter. 😉

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