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1 Month Down!

Greetings once again from Norman! Wow – it's been quite the month since we last caught up! Here are some of the highlights from August and September.

  • After a lot of consideration, I decided that Greek life isn't for me and withdrew my membership from AO Pi. Despite my best efforts, I didn't find anybody in the sorority I really connected with. I was also disappointed that their philanthropy wasn't very robust. On the whole, I decided that my time and energy would be better spent elsewhere. I'm still very glad that I went through Rush and got to have this experience! I know I would have regretted not giving it a shot, so now I can be content knowing that I tried it out.

  • Lilly, Avery, and I are still fast friends and do lots of fun things together. Some of our favorites include doing our nails, thrift shopping, and crafting. Our most recent creation was a trio of decorated cowboy hats that we're going to wear to (drumroll please)... the OU vs. Texas game in a few weeks! This is one of OU's biggest rivalries and is always held in Dallas. Since Avery lives around there, we'll be staying with her for the weekend to go to the game and the Texas State Fair. We're definitely looking forward to it.

  • Football has started!! Going to the games is super fun – they're certainly over the top and very energetic. We're very glad that the weather has started to cool down a bit since the afternoon games have been pretty toasty. Game day fashion is always a sight to see here too. Lots of fancy dresses and cowboy boots! Speaking of... I procured my own pair of cowboy boots so I can be a true Oklahoman. Yeehaw! 🤠

  • Parents Weekend just passed and was such a fun time. I loved getting to see Mom and Dad again! We really packed it in, spending a day in Oklahoma City, touring campus, going to the football game, hanging out with friends, and eating plenty of tasty food. Another highlight of the weekend was visiting a local wilderness park where we saw lots of frogs and I almost stepped on a snake!

  • Classes are still going well. I'm enjoying all of them, especially Landscape Architecture! We discuss all kinds of cool projects and watch interesting documentaries. We're also headed into midterm and essay season, so I'm sure my classes will be keeping me pretty busy.

  • Fall decorations are up in our dorms and we're planning our Halloween costume already... stay tuned for that!

That's all the news from Norman for now! I'm doing well and am truly enjoying my time here so far. I miss you all and love hearing from you!



Photo captions (L to R starting with top row): A view of the greenhouse in one of Norman's cute nurseries; ...complete with a garden cat!; At an Oklahoma City Dodgers baseball game – I'd be lying if I said I wasn't rooting for the ABQ Isotopes (who they just so happened to be playing); Avery, Lilly, and I at the second football game of the year; Enjoying Saturday nights under the lights in Norman; The stadium at night! (AKA the Palace on the Prairie); The view out the dorm window featuring some of our fall decorations; A nice evening study spot outside the Gaylord College of Journalism; The hat I decorated for the OU/TX game; A delicious seven-layer chocolate enjoyed at the historic Cheever's Cafe in Oklahoma City; One of many beautiful murals around OKC; An afternoon at the Myriad Botanic Gardens; Mom and Dad enjoying a spin on the Ferris wheel!; A big OKC in one of many fun districts along the river; Spending some time in the Great Reading Room on a Taylor-guided tour of campus; Parents Weekend football game (which was far too close... !); Another game day with friends; The cowboy boots in action!; Some late summer flowers near Hospital Lake in the local wilderness park.

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2 commenti

30 set 2021

Love your blog!

Mi piace

27 set 2021

Taylor, I'm so happy you posted Blog Three. Some friends are asking for the latest, and here it is!

Mi piace
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